Best shoes for
 babies and toddlers 

Adorable shoes that serve many purposes

Komuello’s shoes are excellent as a baby’s first step shoe. They even suit perfectly well as slippers for toddlers. In our online store you can find a broad variety of colors and patterns. These shoes are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use and can also be used in water.

Not only are the shoes loved by the kids, but also by the parents because of their safety, comfort, and their unique design.

Komuello is a popular brand around the world that is now finally available in Finland!

Komuello’s shoes for babies and toddlers

These baby and toddler shoes are guaranteed to stay on the feet thanks to their elastic sock. The elasticity protects the child’s ankle while not squeezing too hard. The shoe’s elasticity is also handy for the parents- putting on and taking off the shoe has never been easier.

What makes the Komuello shoe unique is that they work as a sock and a shoe at the same time. The sock shoes feel like ordinary socks on the feet, but one can use them outdoors without any problems.

Our shoes are the perfect shoes for the baby’s first step thanks to their comfortable, safe and breathable material. The small air pockets under the rubber sole allow ventilation and therefore keep the little feet always dry.

The shoes’ innovative material that is a BPA- free rubber that is easy to take care of and at the same time is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Komuello shoes are safe to use due to their non-slip rubber sole.

The sock part is made of a mix of cotton and nylon, which makes the sock flexible while it supports the Little One’s ankle. The sole of the shoe is made of a 100 % TPE and non- toxic material. The same material is used in children’s teething toys.

Komuello’s patented innovation

The shoe is BPA- free, recyclable, environmentally friendly and has a 100 % TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) rubber sole. The TPE material is often used in baby’s teething toys. The shoes are not made of any adhesive or harmful materials such as toxic glues that are often used in shoe making.