Komuello Finland

Komuello Finland

We are the exclusive importer of Komuello baby shoes in Finland. Komuellos are designed and produced in South Korea.

Komuello is a brand loved by parents around the world for its safety, comfort, and great looks.


Komuello’s babyshoes fit

  • For a child’s first step
  • For a child using a toddler wobbler while practicing walking
  • For water activities
  • To the playgrounds


The non- toxic, BPA- free material guarantees a safe user experience

The sole of the shoe is made of environmentally friendly TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which is often used in babies chewing toys. The material does not consist of any adhesive or harmful chemicals.

The innovative technology used in the slippers is patented. Komuello is the only company in the world that was a patent on the shoe bottom technology and TPE material combination.

The cotton-nylon blended sock part of the shoe is flexible and at the same time it supports the ankle.


Easy to wear

Komuello’s shoes are very light, easy to wear and comfortable on the feet. They weigh only between 72-102 grams. Because of this, these shoes are excellent for the stage when the child learns to walk.


The shaft of the shoe is made of a super flexible sock, made of cotton, which at the same time supports the ankle. The shoe’s elasticity is also handy for parents- putting on and taking off the shoe from the foot is easy.


Komuello’s unique, patented composition and technology used in the shoe guarantees extra soft steps for the baby. The high- tech material used in the shoe means that the shoe breathes well and keep the feet dry and fresh all day, every day.

Slip resistant

The bee- hive patterned rubber sole is made of non-toxic material. The rubber soles prevent slipping and therefore the shoes are excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Care instructions

Handwash or machine washable

Komuellos are easy to care for and can be easily tossed in a washing machine (please use a laundry bag) at 30 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, we do recommend washing the shoes by hand. The rubber sole can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Size chart

Find the right size for your baby or toddler

Shoe size (US)Shoe size (EU)Recommended foot insideAge
521.510 – 11 cm6 – 12 months
622.511 – 12 cm12 – 18 months
72412 – 13 cm18 – 30 months
825.513 – 14 cm30 – 36 months